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Nuisance Animals - Covington, KY

Wild Life Control - Covington, KY

Wild Life Removal - Covington, KY

Animal Control - Covington, KY

Pigeon removal and exclusion in Covington, KY.

Prevention and Repair

Helpful Wild Life Control in Covington, KY

Keeping your property pest free is easy when you turn to Critt'R Catch'R. By using our wild life control services, you can eliminate unwanted animal problems. Call or email us today for wild life control in Covington, KY.

Animal Exclusions

After you've had our team handle your animal control problem, let us help you keep it from reoccurring. Our wildlife exclusion services involve identifying all entry and exit points that animal can use to enter and leave your business or home. Once these locations are found, we secure them. We also make recommendations to improve the condition of your property to keep it from attracting unwanted critters.

Animal Damage Repair

When pests invade your space, they may wreak havoc on your property. Fix this by using our animal damage repair services. Whether you need holes filled in that were caused by burrowing nuisance animals or want your contaminated attic remediated, you can count on us to do it. We even have the training clean up nesting sites that were left behind by bats and other critters.

Damage to WallsDamage to Walls and Doors