Pigeon Problems

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Pigeons can easily live alongside people.pigeon problems in Greater Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky

Pigeons are a familiar sight in the Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky area, roosting on buildings and strolling through parking lots. Pigeons find plenty of food and shelter around people and make themselves at home in our parks, business districts and urban centers. However, these friendly birds can quickly become pests creating a nuisance with their droppings, odors, and flocking habits. These conditions can become unsightly, unpleasant and, at times, unsafe. Just shooing them away will not solve the problem, for you, customers or your employees.

Pigeons (Columbia livia) are short, stout, grayish birds with red legs. Feeding on most anything, pigeons are very adaptable to living alongside people. Favorite foods include seeds, grains, insects and fruit. They will also search through garbage and indulge in your lunch leftovers.

Their ability to roost and nest on most any man-made structure furthers their ability to become a nuisance to humans. Often seen roosting on rooftops, under bridges, on building ledges, and signs, these perching spots can become encrusted unsanitary waste. Flocking in parks, loafing around building entrances and near sidewalks, pigeons can cause both safety and appearance problems.

Do pigeons carry diseases?

Yes. Pigeons, and their droppings, can present a health hazard to people, pets and livestock. Although typically a problem only with large accumulations of droppings, many diseases can be transferred from pigeon droppings including histoplasmosis, cryptococcosis, toxoplasmosis, encephalitis and more. Always exercise caution when dealing with bird droppings.

Pigeons also play host to ticks, fleas, mites and lice. These parasites can infest buildings, which can then be transferred to people and animals.

What damage can pigeons do to property?

Plenty! Pigeon droppings are highly corrosive and can cause considerable damage to both buildings and vehicles. The acidic nature of pigeon droppings damages car finishes, gutters and other metal structures on buildings.

Accumulation of droppings in ventilation and drainage systems can also cause problems. Blocked gutters and drain pipes can result in structural water damage. Ventilation systems obstructed by nesting sites can create fire hazards as well as spreading odors and nesting materials throughout the building.

How can a pigeon problem be controlled?

No single approach can solve a nuisance pigeon problem. A typical control plan may include some or all of the following:

  • Elimination of food sources, including friendly feeding by people
  • Control of perching and nesting sites by installing structural barriers such as bird spikes, electrified wires, netting, wire screening, etc.
  • Trapping and removal of nuisance populations
  • Repair of damaged areas
  • Cleanup and sanitation of perching, feeding and nesting sites

The Most Effective Solution….

If your Cincinnati or Northern Kentucky business, municipality, hospital, or neighborhood association is having a pigeon problem, steps can be taken to eliminate the trouble. A professional animal control expert can fully assess and address your pigeon nuisance problem.

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