Coyotes Attack Pets in Cincinnati Area

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WLWT Channel 5 Consults With Animal Control Expert Tom Tyrrell About Recent Coyote Attacks in Cincinnati

WLWT News Channel 5 consults with Tom Tyrell on Coyote Problem in CincinnatiResidents of the West Chester and Anderson Township neighborhoods have attributed numerous recent reports of missing pets to coyotes in the area. Daytime sightings have been reported around schools and backyards according to News Channel 5.

Tom Tyrrel, owner and operator of Critt'r Catch'r Animal Control Service, has been tracking and trapping coyotes for over 20 years. Tom was contacted by the WLWT News Channel 5 to share his expertise and opinions on the recent spike in reports of coyote activity in the Cincinnati area.

"Community Could Turn To Trappers To Curb Coyotes" - WLWT Channel 5 News
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Why so many coyotes in Cincinnati?

Increasing development of suburban neighborhoods in what was previously coyote habitat has removed all of the coyote's natural predators (such as wolves). Therefore, coyote populations have been left to surge unchecked. Unless these coyotes are trapped and removed by animal control professionals, you can expect continued conflict between coyotes and human lifestyles. Following expert trapper Tom Tyrrell's advice will at least reduce the potential for problems on your property.

Why pets are at risk from coyote attacks

Coyotes normally prey on small rodents, rabbits, deer, elk, moose, skunk, and other wildlife. With coyote populations growing, their natural food sources are shrinking. So they turn to small pets, seeing them as an easy, reliable food source.

What can be done about the coyote problem in Cincinnati?

Eliminate attractive conditions such as pet food outside and unsecured garbage cans.

  • Keep any outside pet area well-lit.
  • Never leave your pet alone outdoors.
  • Trap and remove the problem coyotes.

A coyote trapping and removal plan may be the best way to help keep your property, family and pets safe and secure. Licensed in Ohio and Kentucky to trap and remove coyotes, Tom Tyrrell can help you eliminate the coyote problem once and for all.

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