Mice Problems

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 Mice problems in greater Cincinnati and Northern Kentuckymice problems in Greater Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky

Mice are a common rodent pest in neighborhoods and businesses throughout the Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky area. One cute little mouse scurrying about may seem like a minor nuisance, but where there is one mouse there are many mice. A mouse in the house can spread disease, ruin food supplies and cause serious damage to your home. Mice will chew their way into your home and set up shop in crawlspaces, attics, laundry rooms, closets. Your kitchen is the perfect place to nest (behind your stove, under your refrigerator) to rummage through your pantry. And the sight of mouse droppings at restaurants, markets or other food supply companies can cause loss of business, fines and the risk of shut-down by the local health department.

The common House Mouse (Mus musculus), a small, brown rodent, is the cause of most infestations in the Cincinnati area. Adaptable to living around humans they will burrow and chew their way into sheds, barns, homes, woodpiles - anywhere they can find food and shelter. Excellent climbers with the constant need to gnaw, they can gain access to any part of your home or business. And since they will eat almost anything, suitable food will be found from your kitchen to your garbage cans.

I’ve only seen one, is this really a serious problem?

By the time you see one mouse you most likely have a good size family of mice using your building, eating your food and leaving a trail of waste throughout. With a reproduction rate up to 12 litters in a year, each producing 12 to 16 offspring, a single couple will quickly grow into a large infestation. Seeing one is an indication of a much bigger problem.

Do mice carry disease?

Mice are carriers of a number of transmittable diseases such as Leptospirosis, Salmonella, Mouse-Bite Fever, Cestoda (tapeworms) and Dermatophytosis (ringworms) among others. Mice are also host to a number of parasites such as lice, mites and fleas. These parasites can infest buildings, which can then be transferred to people and animals. Always exercise caution around mice, their nesting sites and any damaged food supplies.

What damage can mice do to property?

A mice infestation can actually result in significant and serious property damage. With their ability to squeeze through the smallest of spaces, chew new openings, and climb even vertical surfaces, mice can easily gain access to your entire house or business. As they scavenge for food, mouse droppings and urine contaminate and ruin food supplies. Unsanitary nests are a source of odors and can harbor parasites. More seriously, the constant gnawing on wiring and plumbing creates the potential for fire and water damage and can also damage appliances. Scurrying about storage areas, mice will damage photos, books and other irreplaceable heirlooms. And the holes that mice use create access points for other nuisance animals including rats, squirrels, birds and bats.

Can poisons eliminate the problem?

The use of poisons, while a possible short-term solution, can actually cause more problems. A poisoned mouse will most likely die in some inaccessible place, behind a wall or under your floor, leaving you to live with the smell and mess of a decomposing animal for weeks. Poisons are also a serious danger to pets and children. And poisons do nothing to eliminate the continued access to your home or business, repair damage or address the need to remove nests and sanitize nesting sites.

The Best Solution…

One little mouse is a sure indicator of a bigger problem. If you live in the Cincinnati or Northern Kentucky area and mice are eating away at your pantry, call a trained, licensed professional. To most effectively control the problem, all points of entry must be located, nest sites removed and sanitized, access points repaired, and nuisance mice trapped and removed. A professional animal control expert can fully assess and address your animal nuisance problem.

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