Fox Problems

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Fox problems in greater Cincinnati and Northern KentuckyFox problems in Greater Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky

Fox sightings in Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky can occur in rural, suburban and even urban areas. They are most commonly a problem for farmers as they strike poultry and other small livestock. But fox are becoming a more frequent site in our suburban and even urban neighborhoods as we move into their natural habitats and provide them with easy food sources. The recent popularity of backyard chicken coops has contributed to the fox becoming a nuisance as they find easy pickings in neighborhood backyards. Conflicts are inevitable as they easily adapt to living among humans with readily available food and safe shelter.

The crafty, smart fox is a challenge to control. If fencing and electrical deterrents are ineffective, tracking, trapping and removal are an accepted and safe way to remove problem foxes from your neighborhood or farm. A professional animal control expert, one who is licensed and experienced, can locate signs of access, identify appropriate trap locations and safely remove the nuisance fox.

Is it a Fox?

The Red Fox (Vulpes vulpes) is the most common fox found in the Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky area. With a long pointed muzzle and pointy ears, this fox can easily be mistaken for a small dog. Its most distinguishing feature is a large, bushy tail often tipped in white. The Red Fox is typically reddish-brown in color and weighs between 8 and 16 pounds. They are most active at dusk and dawn as they search for food which can include small mammals, birds, bird eggs, insects and fruits. Fox have also been known to raid the pet food bowl!

Are fox dangerous?

Fox are rarely a threat to humans but a sighting, especially in your backyard, can be alarming. While rare, foxes are carriers of rabies, mange and distemper so caution must always be exercised when they are nearby. Fox will make their dens near human populations and but are not known to use man-made structures for shelter. Most damage is related to their search for food. Their taste for chicken, geese, duck and turkey can cause serious problems for both large and small poultry producers resulting in serious losses. They are also known to hunt young livestock such as pigs and lambs and small household pets fall victim to a hungry fox.

The Best Solution…

If you live in the Cincinnati or Northern Kentucky area and a fox is raiding your chicken coop or causing other concerns in your backyard, trapping and removal may be the only effective way to eliminate the problem. Fox are crafty and intelligent making trapping, even by experienced trappers, difficult. Tracking and trapping should be conducted by a trained, licensed professional to protect your property, guarantee adherence to regulatory requirements and to ensure humane removal of the animal. A professional animal control expert can fully assess and address your fox problem.

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