Bat Problems

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seeing bats flying out of your roof or hearing squeaks from your attic can be very unsettlingBat Problems in Greater Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky

Bats are right at home in our Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky neighborhoods. Although very beneficial to the environment, bats become a nuisance when they roost in large numbers in houses and businesses. And seeing bats flying out of your roof or hearing squeaks from your attic can be very unsettling. Because of their breeding and roosting habits, eliminating bats from your house takes patience and expertise. Simply sealing off an entry route is not the answer.

The little brown bat and the big brown bat are the most common bat species found roosting in homes. Bats may have a scary reputation but they are not aggressive and will generally avoid humans. They can actually be beneficial eating up to half their weight in flying insects every night.

With the loss of natural habitat, bats can find your house to be a perfect roosting site. Attics and chimneys are common roosting locations. Bats can create unsanitary conditions and unsettling noises in your home if left unchecked.

Do bats carry disease?

Like other wild animals, a very small percentage of bats contract rabies. Exposure to the rabies virus is remote if contact with bats is avoided and pets are properly vaccinated.

Bats are also host to numerous parasites. In addition to being smelly and unsanitary, bat droppings (guano) can support the growth of Histoplasmosis, an airborne fungus disease. Dry attic environments usually do not support the growth of histoplasmosis but it is recommended that guano removal be conducted by trained personnel with the proper safety equipment.

Can bats harm your house or family?

Stains and odors can result from the accumulation of urine and droppings. And droppings can be host to histoplasmosis and other diseases. Otherwise they cause no physical harm to your home. Bats are not aggressive and generally avoid human contact. However, as with any wild animal, use caution around them and avoid direct contact.

The Best Solution….

Poisoning and repellents are illegal and/or ineffective. And simply closing entry routes may result in abandoned juveniles and trapped adults. These will die and create even bigger problems. Bat control and cleanup of roosting areas should be conducted by trained personnel with expetise in bat behavior and who have the proper safety and disposal equipment.

If bats have invaded your home, call a licensed professional.

Trapping, netting and removal can be conducted for individual bats. To eliminate a roosting colony, exclusion, conducted by an experienced, licensed animal control expert is the only effective solution.

To avoid the possibility of trapping bats in your house, exclusion techniques must be conducted at the proper time during the bats breeding and roosting cycle. An exclusion plan will include inspection of the building to identify all entry points, installation of one-way vents, professional – grade repair of all entry routes and removal and cleanup of droppings.

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