Unwanted Fish

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carp problem in cincinnati pondPond Management problems in Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky

The presence of an undesirable fish species is causing problems in ponds found throughout the rural and suburban neighborhoods of the Greater Cincinnati area. Unwanted fish, also known as trash or rough fish, can negatively impact your preferred fish populations with overcrowding, predation of more desirable fish and habitat destruction. The wrong fish can even affect water quality. Good pond management includes balancing fish populations for the desired results whether it's a pond free of any fish to a pond that supports good sport fishing. Managing unwanted fish populations can range from the complete eradication of a particular fish species to the selective removal of a few specific fish.

Which fish species are considered undesirable and why?

The presence of undesirable fish can result in undersized sport fish, poor water quality, increased competition for food or shelter, predation of desirable fish and habitat destruction. At times a pond owner will need a particular fish completely eliminated. Other times it’s an imbalance in the overall mix of fish that needs management.

In the Great Cincinnati area, undesirable fish species include:

  • green sunfish
  • common carp
  • gizzard shad
  • bullhead catfish
  • hybrid sunfish
  • crappie
  • rockbass
  • longear sunfish
  • flathead catfish

... among others.

What is the solution?

Each particular situation is unique. Both your planned use of the pond and your specific site conditions will help to determine the most effective control and management methods. Considerations include: what is the size of the pond, how many different unwanted species are present, what is the overall number and size of fish to be removed and if the pond used for fishing.

Pond restoration may include a partial drain down to increase natural predation or even a complete pond draining in order to remove all fish. More selective management techniques may include seining or electric shock. Even bowfishing can be used to remove large unwanted species. Bowfishing has been particularly useful in the removal of carp.

If you have undesirable, trash or rough fish in your pond, call a experienced professional to develop an appropriate control plan.

If you live in the Cincinnati or Northern Kentucky area and you have a pond overrun with undesirable, destructive fish, call an experienced professional who can assess your particular situation. Critt’r Catch’r has the expertise, experience and equipment to solve your pond management issues and restore your pond to a healthy, balanced condition.

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