Rat Problems

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Rat problems in greater Cincinnati and Northern KentuckyRat problems in Greater Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky

Rats are lurking everywhere in our Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky homes and businesses. Coming out at night, they will raid your pantry, feed supplies and build cozy homes in your crawlspaces and woodpiles. And while the sight of even one rat is disturbing, you can be sure that there are many more unseen rats making themselves at home at your expense. Rats can cause significant financial loss through contamination of food supplies, structural damage as well as loss of business and operating permits for restaurants and other food supply businesses. Rat control is serious business. Controlling and eliminating a rodent problem is most efficiently, safely and effectively handled by a trained expert.

Norway rats ((Rattus norvegicus), are the most common type of rat you will see in the Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky area. Also known as brown or sewer rats, they are stocky, grayish and can weigh up to 18 ounces. They will burrow and chew their way into sheds, barns, homes, woodpiles - anywhere they can find food and shelter. Rats eat most anything including garbage, crops, other small rodents, fish and birds. Once they set up a household on your property, they will quickly reproduce with females having four to six litters of young every year.

I’ve only seen one rat, is this really a serious problem?

By the time you see one rat you most likely have a whole family of rats! A single female can produce 20 or more offspring every year. Just a few rats can quickly grow into an unseen, hard to control infestation. Take action at the first sign of a problem when the population is small and more manageable.

Can rats spread disease?

In a word, yes. Rats carry and transmit many diseases including Leptospirosis, Trichinosis, Salmonella, Rat-Bite Fever and Plague among others. Rats are also host to a number of parasites such as lice, mites and fleas. These parasites can infest buildings, which can then be transferred to people and animals. Food supplies can become contaminated from urine, fecal material and gnawing activities. Always exercise caution around rats, their nesting sites and any damaged food supplies.

What type of damage can be done by a rat?

A rat infestation can result in significant and serious damage. With their ability to squeeze through surprisingly small openings, chew new openings and expert climbing ability, rats can gain access to your entire house or business. As they scavenge for food, rat droppings and urine contaminate and ruin food and feed supplies. Unsanitary nests are a source of odors and can harbor parasites which can infect your home, business and pets. More seriously, the constant gnawing on wiring and plumbing creates the potential for fire and water damage and can also damage appliances. Other problems can be caused by burrowing activities around foundations, garden raids and simply gnawing on valuable or irreplaceable stored items.

Can poisons eliminate the problem?

The use of poisons, while a possible short-term solution, can actually cause more problems. A poisoned rat will most likely die in some inaccessible place, behind a wall or under your floor, leaving you to live with the smell and mess of a decomposing animal for weeks. Poisons are also a serious danger to pets and children. And poisons do nothing to eliminate the continued access to your home or business, repair damage or address the need to remove nests and sanitize nesting sites.

The Best Solution…

One rat is disturbing enough, but where there is one, there are many. And rats are smart, savvy and persistent. If you live in the Cincinnati or Northern Kentucky area and rats are raiding your pantry and threatening your business, call a trained, licensed professional. To most effectively control the problem, all points of entry must be located, nest sites removed and sanitized, access points repaired, and rats trapped and removed. A professional animal control expert can fully assess and address your animal nuisance problem.

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