Opossum Problems

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Found abundantly throughout the Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky area, opossums will fearlessly take advantage of any opportunity for food and shelter.Opossum Problems in Greater Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky

Found abundantly throughout the Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky area, opossums will fearlessly take advantage of any opportunity for food and shelter. Don't be surprised if you find an opossum inside your house snacking on pet food! They are smart, resourceful and above all, determined. So once an opossum finds your property hospitable, trapping and removal may be your only solution.

An adult opossum (Didelphis virginiana), commonly pronounced "possum" is about the size of a house cat, with coarse, grizzled grayish fur. Its face is long and pointed with a pink nose and fur less ears. Its hairless tail, slightly less than half its total length, can balance and grasp when climbing. Its visible canines and 50 razor sharp teeth add to the unsettling giant rat-like appearance. An opossum can become aggressive if cornered. If there is no chance of escape for the opossum, it may "play dead" in hopes of boring the predator away.

Trapping and removal are an accepted and safe way to remove a problem opossum from your property. A professional trapper, one who is licensed and experienced, can locate, trap and safely remove the nuisance animal.

Why is there an opossum on my porch?

Ready-made shelter - Opossums do not build their own homes so they must search for ready-made shelter. And because they have adapted so well to the presence of humans, your property can be very attractive. Shredding through screens or using existing holes, opossums can climb or crawl into very small spaces and take up residence most anywhere in your house. Your chimney, attic, garage, wall or crawl space or any other available nook or cranny is considered a potentially warm, safe, secure nesting site. They will also find shelter under decks and porches, in abandoned cars and playhouses.

Food - Opossums are very adaptable and will eat most anything. Garbage, pet food, and your vegetable garden are all potential food sources. They will eat fruit, insects, birdseed, and even fish from ponds. In their search for food, opossums may enter your home through an open window or pet door and fearlessly chow down on your pet's food bowl in the kitchen.

What kind of damage can an opossum do?

Property damage can be significant. Opossums will turn over garbage cans, tear through screens and raid your garden. Using their razor sharp teeth, they can literally chew through parts of your house to make a good nesting place. These nests then become unsanitary harbors of disease, parasites and odors. Duct work, water lines, and electrical systems can be damaged as possums crawl through and scratch in your attic, wall space, soffit, etc. There is also the potential they will climb into your chimney or other hard to reach areas where they could die, creating odors and attracting more unwanted pests.

Opossums can cause injury and disease to people or pets. Opossums potentially carry numerous diseases such as rabies, distemper and roundworm. They may also harbor parasites such as ticks, mites and fleas. Aggressive if cornered, they will scratch and bite you or your pets. When confronting an opossum, be sure to always exercise caution.

Tips to reduce your opossum problem.

In addition to trapping and removal by an animal control expert, you can help manage problem opossums in a number of ways:

Eliminate easy food sources - Opossums are opportunistic omnivores meaning they will eat most anything. This includes insects, food scraps, birdseed, pet food and even small mammals. To reduce their attraction to your property, secure metal trashcans with tight fitting lids and do not leave pet food or water outside overnight. Secure your pet doors, windows and garages at night.

Reduce shelter opportunities- Since opossums do not build their own dens, they settle down in your crawl space, chimney, attic, shed, or under your deck or porch for shelter. They will use existing access points or create their own. Your best defense is to trap and remove the opossum immediately once it is detected on your property.

If you suspect a problem opossum on your property, call a licensed professional.

If you live in the Cincinnati or Northern Kentucky area and an opossum is becoming a pest, trapping and removal may be the only long-term, safe, cost-effective solution.Trapping and removal should be conducted by a trained, licensed professional to protect your family and your property as well as to ensure humane removal of the animal. A professional animal control expert can fully assess and address your animal nuisance problem.

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