Meet Critter Expert Tom Tyrrell

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Animal control expert, Tom Tyrrell, catching a coyote
"Finding Solutions to Human and Wildlife Conflicts"
is what animal control expert and owner of Critt'R Catch'R in Cincinnati, Tom Tyrrell, was born to do. His dreams, life, work, and business experiences have all culminated in a comprehensive skill set ideal for meeting and exceeding your animal control needs.

"My earliest memories are of making traps out of Tinker Toys, Popsicle sticks, and rubber bands as I dreamed of becoming a trapper, hunter, and fisherman living off the land. I learned everything I could about American Indians and Daniel Boone and wore out my grandfather's Outdoor Life magazines."

Tom's grandfather took a strong interest in his little grandson's dreams and encouraged his passions for learning about wildlife and wilderness. From a cottage he owned in lower Michigan, he taught Tom how to fish, catch bullfrogs, and set trot lines to catch catfish at night... All the while instilling a great respect for the life of wild animals.

Animal control expert in Cincinnati catches coyotesBy the time Tom was 10 years old, he had earned a reputation as an expert chipmunk trapper providing the entire suburban community with chipmunk removal services. A few years later, Tom's family moved to rural Michigan where Tom now had over 100 acres of land, both woodlands and farmland, at his disposal.

"The thrill of walking out my backdoor to hunt and trap far exceeded my apprehension about exchanging my long time friends and graduating class of 500 students for new friends and a graduating class of 94 students. The small school's woodshop program and its enthusiastic instructor advanced my trap-making skills and furthered my interest in carpentry and the construction industry."

As much as Tom wanted to make his living trapping and hunting, the money was just not there. So at the tender age of 18, Tom began working as a carpenter building custom homes. Over the next 30 years Tom Tyrrell became an expert in residential and commercial construction.

"I worked as an employee and as the owner of both commercial and residential construction businesses. I bought houses and refurbished them and sold them. I built hotels and office buildings as a superintendent for a national general contractor. I worked as a realtor specializing in selling new homes. I worked both in the field and as an estimator for a commercial carpentry company and as an estimator and project manager remediating and rebuilding homes contaminated with hazardous molds and wastes."

Animal control expert Tom TyrrellEven though Tom was successful in the construction industry, his fascination with trapping and hunting (his wife refers to it as an "obsession") constantly influenced his decisions on where to live.

"I moved my family back and forth across the United States where I could encounter a wide variety of wildlife and learn new trapping and hunting techniques. Living in Michigan, Colorado, Arizona, and Ohio provided an excellent opportunity to learn and experience very diverse methods of trapping and a wide range of wildlife."

Tom and his family decided to settle in Southern Ohio for the remainder of their lives on a beautiful 13 acre farm. It was here that Tom found a way to combine his expertise and skills related to construction and wildlife.

"Critt’R Catch’R is the result of my combined expertise associated with construction, carpentry, knowledge of building structure, hazardous and contaminated environment proficiency, and above all, pride of workmanship. Adding 42 years of wildlife wisdom and trapping know-how, this expert Chipmunk Trapper has now become the professional Critter Catcher, providing solutions for human and wildlife conflicts."

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