Trapper vs SPCA

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Are animals creating a nuisance and you don't know who to call for help?

Hamilton County SPCA
Clermont County SPCA
Butler County SPCA
Warren County SPCA
Boone County Animal Shelter
Grant County Animal Shelter
Kenton County Animal Shelter
Dearborn County SPCA

Critt'r Catch'r is the expert to call to help resolve your animal control problem. We have the training, experience and professional-grade equipment to help you with any animal nuisance problem that is unsafe, unsanitary or unwanted. For any problem involving wild or domestic animals, including cats and dogs, call the animal control experts, Critt'r Catch'r!

Our expertise includes:

...and any other exotic or unwanted animal that invades your indoor or outdoor living or work spaces. We also offer dead animal removal.

Your local SPCA (Society for the Prevention for Cruelty to Animals), Humane Society or animal shelter can help you with other domestic animal issues. Services typically offered include spay and neutering services, neglected and abused animal reports, licenses, vaccinations and noise complaints. For a list of services available in your area, contact your local animal shelter.

Call us today and sleep better tonight!
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